CAS Information SY17/18

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Overview Co-curricular Learning (CAS) at ISM  

CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service) is the term used for all learning that takes place outside of the classroom. All curriculum subjects have a counterpart in the co-curricular program (CAS). Learning in one can inspire, compliment and deepen understanding within the other.

CAS students are free to choose their activities to meet the learning outcomes

CAS is self-directed learning

CAS student will enter the program at different levels and therefore have different goals

CAS is not class, there are no grades

CAS is a personal journey

CAS is inspired by and supported by classroom learning

CAS is Holistic and Experiential Education

CAS encourages Awareness, Advocacy, Action

CAS encourage research, identification of needs, issues and action

CAS encourages the development of IB Learner Profile

CAS encourage empowerment, independence, leadership skills and purpose

CAS supports career aspirations and university applications

The CAS Community at ISM

ISM aims to create safe, exciting and rewarding co-curricular experiences for all students. To support the sharing of ideas, curriculum links, reflections and discussions ISM will use Google+ Communities.

The CAS Community shown below will also be used for planning, groups investigations, and communication. This Community Pages can be linked to ManageBac, which along with individual reflections will form each student’s CAS Portfolio.