New Club Proposal Process


The High School at International School Manila offers a wide range of Co-Curricular Activities for students to engage in after school and at weekends. These activities are guided by the IB CAS Program, its philosophy, aims, and learning objectives, as well as goals of the Service Learning,  Athletics and Activities and Fine Arts Programs.

All organization and activities fall under the broad heading of Creativity, Action and Service.

Each aspect of CAS has a council designated to support the promotion and success of each area.

To help maintain the quality, use of resources and balance, the HS will consider carefully any new additions to the range of organizations on offer, and subsequent activities they will engage in during the academic year.

General Guidelines

  • New Organizations or Activities that are Creative in nature must be submitted to the FAO
  • New Organizations or Activities that are Sports related must be submitted to the ATAC office
  • New Organizations or Activities that are Service oriented must be submitted to the CAS Office
  • New Organizations or Activities that cross two or more areas will be considered by the relevant office.
  • Final decision on inclusion will be made by the HS Principal and Assistant Principal

Specific Considerations

  1. HS Organizations follows a non-proliferation policy
  2. Advisers are asked to review progress of an organization over the year.
  3. Failing organizations are disbanded unless they can produce an approved action plan for the following year
  4. Failing organizations with an approved action plan, will be on probation then reinstatement or removed depending upon their performance
  5. Must not increase number of organizations unless there are increases in students and potential advisers
  6. Must offer breadth and depth to the co-curricular program
  7. Must have at least 15 interested members
  8. Must have an adviser
  9. Must contribute to the aims and philosophy of ISM
  10. Cost implications must be considered
  11. Use of venues and equipment must be considered
  12. Inclusive or exclusive nature of an organization must be considered


Throughout the Year – students may speak to ATAC, FAO, or CAS informally about their ideas.

March – written Proposal for inclusion in the following year’s offering must be submitted. Final decision by April/ May – new organizations will be included in next year’s list of activities

Guidelines for Students/ Teachers after Inclusion  

On approval an in-trust account should be created for funds and the relevant procedures completed.

New Organizations can advertize at Club Expo, must be included in the HS Handbook, CAS Blog, Kawayan Year Book and ManageBac.